Master Plan: Atlanta Aura

First Feature Image
Feature image

"Live Grand" is the motto of Atlanta Aura. A total of 90 vertical mansion, 3 tier amenities - Ground Level, Podium Level and an integrated Rooftop to provide all that you require.

4BHK With Pool Mansion

Second Feature Image
Feature image

Our 4,500 sq ft mansion. The heart of our project. Just 10 in total featuring a Personal Pool.

4BHK Mansion

Third Feature Image
Feature image

Exquisitely planned 4,000 sq ft abode featuring private terraces with the bedroom and halls (2 hall system). A space to satisfy all your family members.

3BHK Mansion

Feature image

Ranging between 2,500 - 2,700 sq ft it features a 2 Hall System (Living and Drawing), Grand Terraces and Bedrooms.

2BHK Mansion

Feature image

Our 1,500 sq ft mansion also offers a 2 hall system and a terrace and bedroom sizes that are worthy of a 2BHK.

Construction Update

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  • Ever since the project of Atlanta Aura was green-lit, we knew we were in to create something new and unique for the city. Our primary concern was the lack of ventilation, air flow and sunlight in all the recent constructions. We wanted to provide homes that will have sufficient flow of all these things that […]

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