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Hansal Parikh and Associates, Structural Partner, Pune.
Having Completed more than 2000 projects in and around pune. The company has earned the distinction of being the first firm dedicated to structural optimisation through technology. in its astute adherence to global standards every project is thoroughly analysed,, detailed and optimized structurally. Every structure is further subjected to challenging loads in order to suit serviceability requirements.


Jhaveri Associates Services Partner, Ahmedabad
A complete services consultant since 1985, the company’s expertise, dedication to quality and commitment to global standards has earned it significant projects in hospitality, hospitals, institutions, plotted developments and urban design. Its emphasis on product innovation allows it to offer tailor made solutions that continue even after the project objectives have been completed.


Kavita Srivastava and associates Landscaping Partner
One of the first Indian women to have won an award for her research in recycled materials in prodium gardens. Kavita is an exceptionally talented architect and interior designer with many awards in her kitty. In a career spanning 18 years, in India and UK, she has worked on a variety of commercial, residential and corporate premium projects to build spaces that synergize the environment with human connect and mass appeal.