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Why Atlanta Aura?
Our project “Atlanta Aura” is a result of intense research done over approximately 2 years. The directors of the group have travelled across Metropolitan cities such as Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Pune and have taken inspiration from the existing and upcoming projects in these cities and integrated and adjusted our offering to the market of Indore.Our thought process was simple, that Indore today is considered to be one of the most promising and developing Tier 2 cities of India. Therefore because of the calibre it holds, we feel it deserves to have the kind of projects existing in major cities of India.


What makes Atlanta Aura unique?
We could have easily created a 200 flat township on the same land, consisting of standard sizes that are prevalent in the market. However we chose not to, instead we have created a 90 “Vertical Mansion” limited edition township, where the sizes that you see are not that are considered to be standard in the market. If nothing else, we are proud to say that we have given more than time to the planning of this project, we have given our mind, body and soul – the passion that has driven us to take care of the little details that matter more to you. Yes you will find large spaces, beautiful landscaping and amenities that are expected from every good township. However, what we are constructing is not just a breathable space, it is to “Live Grand”. We feel that the market of Indore deserves to live in this way. It is not a necessity but a requirement.


What is Atlanta Aura offering?
To summaries, our offering is the following:

  1. 90 limited edition Vertical Mansions
  2. Available in 2 / 3 / 4 BHK option (Ranging from 1,490 – 4,520 sq.ft.)
  3. 2H concept, wherein our 3 and 4BHK consist of 2 halls – guest area and a family living room
  4. Every floor consists of one 4BHK with a swimming pool

Key features of the project include:

  1. 3 Tier Security and Video Door Phones
  2. RFID / Boom Barrier at entrance gate
  3. First Residential Project in Indore with Mechanised Parking
  4. Home Concierge Services
  5. 1 passenger and 1 stretcher lift each behind 3 Vertical Mansions
  6. Amenities at 3 different levels – Ground, Podium and Rooftop
  7. Approximately 50,000 sq.ft. worth of amenities sprawling on a plot area of ~ 1.2 acres
  8. Approximately 28,000 sq.ft. worth of landscaped area