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A few years ago, we dreamt of creating a residential marvel in Indore that would not only challenge existing standards but also set a new one. That daring dream has turned into a manifest reality. Atlanta Aura, vertical mansions par excellence, is almost possession-ready. In the wake of this significant moment, it is fitting to speak to our patrons and well-wishers who put their faith in this ambitious project.

Before getting started, we had to articulate a powerful vision: the vision that reflects the lofty aspirations of our customers, and the vision to drive innovation at a time when residential projects in Indore were getting predictable. Thus began a passionate hunt for ideas to realize the vision.

After studying many projects, particularly those in the metro cities, we aimed at the creating innovative apartments with a high degree of customization. Throughout the making of Atlanta Aura, we conferred with our customers, sought out ideas, and executed as many suggestions as we found possible. In the end, the result is pitch-perfect: Atlanta Aura has become an exciting blend of spacious luxury, thoughtful amenities, customized features, and sound investment.

And that’s not all! As one of the first RERA-compliant projects in Indore, Atlanta Aura has all the required approvals and permits.

As this inspiration-to-dream-to-reality journey is speeding to its end, we assure our customers the very best of support.

With good wishes.
Alankar & Manish