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Ever since the project of Atlanta Aura was green-lit, we knew we were in to create something new and unique for the city. Our primary concern was the lack of ventilation, air flow and sunlight in all the recent constructions. We wanted to provide homes that will have sufficient flow of all these things that are practically a basic need of living.

Our technical director, then decided to travel to Bangalore to study the concept of E Shaped buildings. We concluded that not only was the idea unique and fresh for Indore, but it will give a lot of benefits to people who will live at Atlanta Aura. Here are a few major reasons why E shaped building is way better than regular designs.


Our research team observed that current construction projects in the city were not providing good amount of ventilation in homes. A little bit of research told us how beneficial a well ventilated home can be for the people who live in it. Since then, we were keen on providing this feature to people. In regular building designs, we were not able to provide the same. If you look at the design, E shaped buildings provide a lot of scope to make vertical mansions more ventilated, having a constant flow of natural air.

Back Angle Elevation

Garden View

In regular buildings, not all homes get the luxury of having the garden view. Some of them face the other side, which eventually makes them unhappy about the place they are living in. We needed a design that fulfills everyone’s desire to have a home with a beautiful garden view. The E shape design was a perfect fit in that requirement as well. Along with ventilation, it also gave us scope to provide everyone with a beautiful garden view which comes handy when you’re having your early morning tea or after a long day at work.

Front Elevation


The benefits of sunlight are not hidden from anyone. When you have a home with enough sunlight, it not only brings positivity, but also other health benefits as well. During daytime, it’s a pleasant sight to see your rooms filled with natural light. It reduces the overall consumption of electricity and its bills. With E shape design, there’s ample amount of room for each home to have adequate amount of sunlight, resulting in more Vitamin D and better immune system of the people who live in it.

Night View Elevation

Going Back To The Roots.

If we take a closer look at the concept of E shaped building, it resembles heavily with the buildings that used to be in earlier times. Of course the look and execution style is modern, but the core resembles to the buildings our forefathers must have lived in. In earlier times, buildings had an ‘aangan’ at the center of it with all the rooms facing towards it. This concept was one big reason why people of earlier times has better health, and lived longer. We believe an E shaped building is a modern form of those old buildings that provided a healthy living.

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